Discover the unrivaled performance of Keysight’s PNA and PNA-X network analyzers. Simplify your mixer and frequency converter characterization with the performance of a high-end signal generator built into your network analyzer.

Deeper Insights

Advanced measurements are easy to follow with PNA software such as modulation distortion, differential I/Q, nonlinear vector network analysis.

Simplified Measurement Setup

Perform mixer intermodulation distortion measurements without an external signal generator using a built-in third source up to 13.5 GHz.

Faster Mixer Measurements

Measure with a wider intermediate frequency bandwidth and eliminate the need for averaging when you use the clean signal source.

Upgradable Hardware

The PNA and PNA-X are long-term investments. Keep your lab up to date by sending back your existing unit for an upgrade.

See what the enhanced PNA and PNA-X can do for you

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