Government agencies have unique security directives, compliance requirements, regulations, and buying methods. Meeting the demands of government compliance allows federal agencies to design, test, and operate with confidence.

We offer a wide range of government-compliant products. From unique RF and electronic warfare (EW) systems to FIPS 140?2 network packet brokers for better IT security, we make sure governments can innovate with confidence.

Protecting United States Federal IT Networks

Our Ixia Federal Team is one of the fastest-growing providers of network testing, network visibility, and network security solutions. With offices in Vienna, Virginia, we partner with specialists focused on the unique cybersecurity and monitoring needs of federal customers.

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IT Modernization Need Not Be Painful

Government networks have reached a tipping point. Pressing concerns about user experience, operational efficiency, and airtight security are pushing legacy systems beyond their limit. And as latency and bandwidth concerns continue to grow, future-proofing your network is not just essential, it's inevitable.

But IT modernization doesn't need to be painful. As the world leader in network application and security testing, we create active network monitoring solutions with application-level intelligence to help you monitor your entire network, maintain mission-critical performance, and avoid devastating cyber attacks.

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Future-Proof Your Network with Dynamic Network Intelligence

Whether your deployment is on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two, your security and monitoring tools depend on intelligence gathered from every corner of your network. But as threats and technologies evolve, it is getting harder and harder to stay one step ahead. You need a simple, scalable solution that's built for today and ready for tomorrow.

That's why so many government organizations trust Keysight. With actionable insights that combine deep-packet inspection, active SSL, and other technologies, Dynamic Network Intelligence helps you lower operating expenses, eliminate vulnerable blind spots, and ensure peak performance for your mission-critical systems.

Our Technology:

Network Taps: Capture data from every corner of your network

Bypass Switches: Improve uptime and make management easier

Network Packet Brokers: Boost tool performance with advanced filtering and aggregation

Active SSL: Reduce latency with independent SSL/TLS decryption

Ixia Fabric Controller: Simplify control with a single pane of glass

Hawkeye: Maintain peak performance with active monitoring

Test Your Security Strength

Challenge your security solutions from every angle to reduce your risk. Understand user experience from application to protocol, network performance to connections, user load to traffic-type scalability.

Ensure attack readiness. Train to think like attackers and know exactly how to respond, with security attacks and heavy traffic loads during beta testing and pre-production.

Trusted Leader

5 of 5 DoD services trust and use Keysight

15 of the top 15 NEMs use Keysight

100+ federal organizations rely on Keysight

KEYSIGHT Federal Systems Partners

Since 1997, government agencies have relied upon immixGroup? to supply the technology products they want through the contract vehicles and business partners they prefer. Our knowledge of the government acquisition process, ISO-certified business processes, and relationships with hundreds of hardware and software vendors and solution providers ensure you get reliable access to the products you need to complete your mission objectives.

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For the past three decades, Iron Bow has built a reputation and track record for successfully supporting federal IT initiatives of all sizes, complexity and sensitivity. Over this time, the company has provided literally billions of dollars in customized IT solutions for DoD, DoD Healthcare, Intelligence, and Civilian agencies. Iron Bow provides advanced technical knowledge and engineering expertise, best-in-class technology with leading manufacturers, quality program management, and customizable and flexible financing solutions.

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Norseman Defense Technologies has over 23 years of success as an Information Technology provider and Systems Integrator delivering best of breed solutions that solve our Federal customers IT problems. Based in Elkridge, MD, Norseman prides itself in solving real customer problems in the areas of DevOps, Cloud Migration, Cyber Security, Enterprise Data Management, and Data Analytics.

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SYNNEX Corporation is a busiess process services company headquartered in Fremont, California. SYNNEX Technology Solutions provides comprehensive IT solutions in key vertical markets such as government and health care, and specialized services that increase efficiencies in the areas of print management, renewals, networking, logistics services, and supply chain management. Additionally, we provide our government customers with systems design and integration solutions.

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Lighten the Load

Government IT teams carry a heavy load. The stakes are high, as are demands and expectations. Failure is not an option. Keysight is here for you with professional services that can help

We can help you:

  • Remove risk
  • Accelerate deployments
  • Harden networks
  • Uplevel skills
  • And much more!

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Future-Proof Your Network with Confidence

Ready to lower OpEx, strengthen security, and improve mission-critical performance? Connect with our federal systems specialists and let us help you design a custom solution tailored to your organization's unique cyber security and monitoring needs.