What is KeysightCare?

When you have technical challenges and are working against the clock, you need help now. With KeysightCare, you don’t have to wait. KeysightCare redefines best-in-class for customer care in test and measurement, offering dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions. Get faster response times, faster access to specialized experts, and faster time to resolution.

What's Next After Purchasing A Product with KeysightCare Coverage?

If you have purchased a product with KeysightCare coverage, go ahead and register on the KeysightCare portal to enjoy the full benefits of your chosen KeysightCare service tier.

Support. Elevated.

The days of simple design are gone. You are pushing new limits. Your designs are redefining “state of the art.” Tools for designing and testing future requirements are evolving with you, but customer support has not. Until now.

KeysightCare provides complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty, including the following:

  • committed response times for service requests
  • tracking equipment configuration to keep test assets current
  • proactive firmware and software notifications
  • software updates and enhancements
  • choices of service tiers to fit your business needs

KeysightCare Support Scaled To Your Needs

Committed support to minimize downtime of critical systems and your engineers.

KeysightCare Technical Support


  • 2-business-day technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal

KeysightCare Assured


  • KeysightCare Technical Support?
  • 10-day instrument repair?
  • proactive firmware notifications
  • 4-business-hour technical response

KeysightCare Enhanced


  • KeysightCare Assured?
  • 5-day instrument calibration?
  • 7-day expedited repair
  • 2-business-hour technical response

KeysightCare Performance


  • KeysightCare Enhanced
  • 24x7 emergency response
  • 2-clock-hour technical response
  • 5-day expedited repair
  • 3-day expedited calibration

KeysightCare Software Support


  • KeysightCare Technical Support
  • 4-business-hour technical response
  • software updates and enhancements
  • proactive software notifications

All offered services are subject to availability of capabilities in country and legal terms and conditions.

Already A Registered KeysightCare Customer?

Start maximizing your benefits by logging in to the KeysightCare portal today. Whether you need to track your equipment configuration, speak to a technical expert, or immediately find answers to frequently asked questions, the KeysightCare portal is your one-stop destination.

Experience the KeysightCare Portal

Watch three real-world examples on how to quickly access in-depth technical knowledge and get in touch with our engineers.

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