Restore Control in The Cloud

The Cloud gives you agility, flexibility, and scale, but also requires you to give up control over physical infrastructure. Keysight cloud solutions provide dynamic network intelligence from any?cloud?to your?security and?performance monitoring solutions, to?restore control across your hybrid IT environment.

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Cloud Migration

Deploy With Confidence

Maintain control with visibility to every packet flowing through your cloud infrastructure. Keysight gives you access to data in every cloud you spin up, without limit, and with no additional infrastructure.


Protect Data and Applications

Provide your security solutions with packet data from all your clouds,?to eliminate blind spots, stop attacks, and?identify anomalous behavior. Keysight test platforms can validate your cloud security architecture.

Cloud Performance

Operate at Maximum Efficiency

Filter and pre-process packets from your hybrid environment using a single drag-and-drop interface. Increase efficiency of network and application monitoring in the cloud or on-premises.

Cloud Monitoring Requires Visibility into Network Traffic

Business-critical applications are moving to the cloud. Yet many companies do not have adequate visibility into cloud traffic. A recent survey of cloud operations professionals revealed:

  • 87 percent feared the cloud was obscuring security threats
  • 95 percent believed the cloud delayed the identification and resolution of performance issues


The State of Cloud Monitoring


The State of Cloud Monitoring: A Survey of IT Professionals

See All Your Cloud Traffic

Make sure your security solutions and performance monitoring tools get the relevant data they need to perform effectively and efficiently. Watch the video to learn more.

Evaluate Your Cloud Security

Safely simulate current threats and attacks in cloud environments to test your security and gain insight to proactively reduce your risk. Watch the video to learn more.

Cloud Solutions Ecosystem

Keysight works with leading security, APM, and NPM solutions, including those from open source providers, to pre-validate interoperability with?CloudLens. These?solutions can?receive data directly from CloudLens,?without requiring data to be backhauled to an?on-prem network packet broker. Integration creates a more seamless?monitoring?experience and ensures complete visibility into your clouds.

Maximizing Success In The Cloud

Whether it's on-prem virtual, hybrid or full-on cloud, Keysight is here to help with the professional services you need to get the most from your investments.

We can help you:

  • Gain the visibility you need into east-west traffic
  • Harden critical networks
  • Improve security
  • Deliver immediate results
  • And much more!

Learn more about Keysight Professional Services.

CATALOGS - start planning today

Network Visibility

Build a visibility fabric - network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches and more.

Network Performance and Security

Know how your network is running so you can hit tough SLAs - then secure it.

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